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Jamaal Marc Anthony Saunders, known professionally as Jay Shephard, is world renowned for his distinct sound. This genre-blending singer is a dynamic reggae fusion artist and vocalist who was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. Early influences by artists such as Bob Marley, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Michael Jackson and Gentleman all formed the dynamic vibes released by this eclectic artist. The name “Jay Shephard” resulted from a traumatic near death experience that shifted the entire course of his life and steered young Jamaal onto a spiritual journey where he was gifted with the ability to sing.

Jay Shephard molds his music to be medicine for the soul and therefore seeks to release strictly relatable sounds. From the deep roots of reggae, to the high tempo beats of dancehall infused with the modern sounds of pop, he appeals to an extensive audience. In 2013 Jay Shephard secured a distribution deal with SONY "RED" Distribution through Grammy Nominated artist Skeelo music. Jay Shephard then went on to publish his book "Take A Shot at Your Dreams; Before Murphy's Law takes a Shot at you" to encourage persons to become the best version of themselves. In 2018, he started his entertainment company Good Vybz Nation LLC and went on to win the Elevation Award for "Best International Artist" later on that year.

His work with Grammy Award Winning producer Troyton Rami (Black Shadow Records), produced hits like “No Surrender", “Real One” and "Miss You". In 2020 Jay was awarded a Billboard plaque for his single "Lady Love", which is featured on the Billboard Charting "Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica; The Reggae Collector's edition" album. Jay continues to make an impact on both the local and international music scene with his innovative style and riveting sound.


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